Who's exhibiting

From 13 to 27 November


10.00AM – 5.00PM

Huge thanks to the over 30 New Zealand artists who accepted our invitation to exhibit in The Arts Centre Sculpture Festival.

Many of their pieces are for sale. If you love something and have the means, buy it: you'll support a local artist and a portion goes to The Arts Centre too. 

  • Owen Bartlett: ceramic 
  • Anneke Bester: bronze 
  • Winnie Chin: paper, jewellery
  • Barry Clarke: mixed media, jewellery
  • Peter Collis: ceramic
  • Ryan Dewsbury: jewellery
  • Andrew Doughty - carving
  • Asheley Elizabeth: mixed media
  • Katie Gold: ceramic 
  • Yvonne Hall: jewellery
  • John Hill: mixed media, jewellery
  • Graeme Hitchcock: glass
  • Lynn Kelly: jewellery
  • Anna Korver: mixed media 
  • Jane McCulla: ceramic
  • Rory McDougall: stone, bronze
  • Tatyanna Meharry and Amanda Greenfield: ceramic
  • Koji Miyazaki: jewellery
  • Doug Neil: stone
  • Tony O'Grady: bronze 
  • John Parker: ceramic
  • Ailish Roughan: jewellery
  • Takaaki Sakaguchi: ceramic
  • Elfi Spiewack: jewellery
  • Bruce Stilwell: mixed media
  • Di Tocker: glass
  • Fiona Tunnicliffe: ceramic 
  • Chris Weaver: ceramic
  • Robyn Webster: mixed media
  • Matt Williams: mixed media 

Want to know more about these artists? We'll be posting profiles on our social media, and some of them are giving talks, demonstrations or workshops during the festival. Check the full programme for details and buy a ticket for one of the weekend festival days by clicking on the yellow button.